I would like to thank Learning For Life and Derwentside College for their support and encouragement whilst I have been doing my level 2 IT course. Now I have completed and passed the course I feel I am bettering myself in my job role.

Kirsty Wears (Health & Safety Officer/Administrator) - 16th August 2016

I volunteer at Learning for Life and I’d like to applaud and appreciate the staff (teachers, support and admin) and the learners. My learning curve is steep but so worth it. The atmosphere is one of mutual support and respect and although we do lots of ‘learning‘, we also have great fun. It is a place of education, relationships and great hope. So, thank you, everyone, at Learning for Life.

Bridget Lowery (Volunteer) - 29th March 2018

A wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere and some good work going on with the young people.

Kath Clements (Visitor) - 19th January 2017

As a 2nd year, Social Work student on placement here at Learning for Life I have been awe-struck at how willing and accommodating the staff are on a daily basis, to ensure the efficient and smooth running of services provided. The safety, well-being and happiness of the learners are evidently paramount to the team. When faced with difficult and diverse situations the staff pull together, safeguarding learners and staff alike to ascertain the highest level of safety at all times.

Marie Donnelly (New College Durham) - 27th May 2016

I have just observed Jay Chambers and I felt overwhelmed at the quality of interactions between Jay and the Young People. The practice I observed was outstanding. Probably one of the best examples of inclusive practice I have ever seen. The team around him were also fabulous. Absolutely brilliant Jay very well done!

Gillian Allinson (Derwentside College) - 30th November 2016

Very welcoming! Staff are always ready to learn and take onboard new skills.

Kate McGuinness (Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Trust) - 12th March 2015

The staff are very dedicated and were very eager to develop their moving and handling skills.

Dorothy Spencer (Derwentside College) - 23rd December 2014