The Social Care Centre

Learning Through Activities

The Life & Living Skills Centre provides care and learning through activities both on and off-site.
Our learners participate in practical skills such
as shopping, food preparation and home management skills.

Learners engage in a range of activities designed to develop skills in a range of different areas. All learners are encouraged to engage in entrepreneurial activities to develop confidence and independence to support individual and group success. Additionally, we provide a range of outdoor activities such as, Forest Schools, outdoor and residential activities along with visits to the local facilities which provides a more holistic range of learning and experiential activities.

In our group, all of our learners participate in a wide range of activities, all differentiated to meet the needs of all of our learners. We believe promoting choice, communication and independence to every learner is essential so we do this throughout each and every day. We also strive to participate in as many enriching opportunities as possible these include outdoor education, residential trips, various field trips and simple days out in the community.


The activities we do include arts and crafts, cooking, numeracy and literacy-based games, music and Makaton sessions. Learners also take part in relaxation sessions such as holistic therapy, Tacpac (linking the sensory world of touch and music) and a wonderful foot spa. We also spend time in the community when the weather is right, we also have a large sun shade so we can take our indoor activities outside.

When it comes to our cooking sessions, we believe it is essential to include our learners in the whole process which helps to promote their independence. We research the chosen recipes and walk to our local supermarket to source the ingredients, make the products promoting communication, independence and choice throughout. Once the culinary delights are made we sell them to staff, learners and even parents/carers and escorts. All the money made is saved up and the students can choose where they would like to spend it. Previous entrepreneurial activities have allowed the group to purchase a widescreen television, two iPads, dinner out, trips to Beamish, bowling and a lot more.

In addition to the above, we work with many outside agencies to ensure we are providing the best practice for all our learners when it comes to meeting their postural needs. We have two acheeva beds (donated by the Hilton Group) which some of our learners access on daily basis to aid their posture. We do stretches with certain learners, use a standing aid and gaiters to help strengthen their leg muscles so they can stand more comfortably and effectively.


Stringer group is not only about developing the learner’s current life skills, but identifying new skills such as cookery and home management to further promote and enhance their communication, independence and choice. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Makaton are used rigidly to support and enable learners to have a ‘voice’ and make active choices regarding their learning and enrichment activities.

Functional skills such as literacy and numeracy are embedded into daily routines to allow our learners to transfer and build upon their current skills to support them when accessing shops, tailored work experience and other facilities in the local community.

Underpinning their core learning experience, learners actively engage in their own enterprise projects, giving them the opportunity to sell their very own products at fairs and market stalls in the local community.

Each week the learners have access to the local sports centre where they can go swimming and play football with their peers and every year they can attend further enrichment activities such as residential excursions where they will embrace fun, new and exciting challenges that will further enhance their self-esteem and well-being.