The Education Centre

Education & Development

The Education Centre provides accredited and bespoke programmes of learning for all attendees. The learners are taught in small groups by highly trained qualified tutors and staff who understand the needs, emotions and behaviours of learners.

Everyone’s education is planned with set targets and personalised to their individual needs. We ensure that each learner gains confidence, develops maturity and increases their knowledge and skills in a safe environment that promotes equality of opportunity in the classroom; achieved through learning, practical activities and a range of tasks.

All learners are guided through study programmes that are designed to enable them to achieve accreditation and certificates of achievement. Every learner has access to embedded functional skills. The accredited provision includes ASDAN, a competency-based qualification, the John Muir Award which encourages learners to work outdoors to enjoy and appreciate nature whilst caring for the local natural environment and the Arts Award for those who have a creative flair. Additionally, we provide a range of outdoor activities such as, Forest Schools, outdoor and residential activities along with visits to the local facilities which provides a more holistic range of learning and experiential activities.

This diverse approach allows our learners to experience a wide range of activities from Outdoor Education through to more formal structured Literacy and Numeracy lessons. Our aim is for our learners to develop practical skills which will help them in life, whilst having fun and being involved in activities that they may not have the chance to experience elsewhere.

Throughout College, we are lucky enough to experience Physical Education with Newcastle United Football Foundation and we also use the first class sports facility, Maiden Castle, at Durham University. Here we get the opportunity not only to do rowing, archery and fencing but are led by empathetic staff, who fully understand our learners’ needs and who themselves have overcome similar difficulties as some of our learners. Throughout the year, we come together to enjoy shared experiences, with the other groups within the college. This allows the development of planning and organising skills, as the learners are actively involved in planning and preparing for these events. It also promotes and enhances social skills; provides an opportunity to communicate with and make new friends, as well as being a time to relax and enjoy ourselves.


Hart Learners are working towards gaining a beneficial selection of ASDAN units for their Personal Progress certificate. The learners all enjoy College life and their studies and they are making good progress through a variety of structured weekly lessons, which include key elements of literacy, numeracy and communication.

During their studies the learners have also enjoyed several field trips, including Beamish Open Air Museum, strawberry picking at Brocksbushes and a day at the seaside at South Shields. The learners are gaining skills in preparing snacks and healthy meals, as well as learning more about their likes and dislikes through craft and literacy sessions, centred around the subject of self-discovery.

Over the next six-months, the learners will be engaged in an enterprise project to raise funds for learner activities, alongside subjects covering essential
aspects of understanding money and getting along with other people. We are sure that the learners will continue to flourish in our pleasant and friendly classroom as they are keen to work hard and learn new skills. It is a pleasure to teach these adults and watch their remarkable and amazing personal progress from month-to-month.

Timothy is the education provision for predominately PMLD learners.
We follow a life and living skills curriculum and learners will be awarded an ASDAN qualification upon completion of their course.

The happiness and well-being of our learners is our number one priority and as such lessons are differentiated to meet individual learner’s needs. This coupled with the high level of support which we provide, ensures maximum learning opportunities. We promote communication, independence and choice in our lessons through activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, numeracy and literacy etc.


Makaton is taught and used to aid better communication. Every term the learners’ are involved in the Makaton choir learning a song to sing and sign, then performing it at one of our fairs. We enable our learners to access the community through regular trips to local facilities and attractions. The Metro Centre and Beamish Museum are popular trips with our learners’, where they can enjoy a game of ten-pin bowling or a ride on the steam train. Learners are also encouraged to engage in an enterprise project, this could be selling biscuits or a craft product that we have made. At the end of the sale, we encourage the learners to democratically choose how the group wishes to spend the money.


Welcome to Ellwood education class.
In our warm and friendly room, we aim to provide a secure environment where our learners feel comfortable and relaxed.

Using their individual interests we design fun and engaging activities which are enjoyable but at the same time are carefully planned to move our learners’ skills and understanding forwards. Our learners have a big part to play in which direction their learning goes and we try to tailor everything to their aspirations and specific needs.

We are currently working towards gaining an ASDAN qualification which encompasses both educational and life skills. We do this through teaching a range of topics which allows us to learn in the classroom, out in the community and by visiting a wide range of different places.

Some of the topics we are covering are

  • Early mathematics: shape
  • Understanding money
  • Growing and caring for plants
  • Getting things done
  • Participating in sporting activities
  • Engaging in new creative activities
  • Getting on with other people

Throughout all of our work we use reading, writing, mathematical and ICT skills whenever appropriate. We are a happy and close-knit team – both staff and learners – who are working together to create the best possible experience for everyone in Ellwood B class. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures to get a flavour of the atmosphere and range of things we do!