Company Rebranding

Company Rebranding

Over recent weeks we have been working on a new look for Real Choice College. After much input from Student and Parents the decision was made to rename ourselves, “The Learning for Life Centre”. Here’s how the Learning for Life Logo was created…

The ‘Learning for Life’ logo was created after several months of exploring different design concepts and ideas. The creation of the logo was very much a team effort and this involved college staff, as well as students and their parents/ carers in the initial parts of the process.

Using the image of the leafy tree was only one of many ideas, but was to prove to be the most popular of all the options. The idea and image of the tree evolved from a new project that the Enterprise staff and students were involved in this year.

Once this image was recreated and illustrated, modern colours of violet, light green and sky blue were selected for the various parts of the tree and the grassy bank on which it stands. Different typefaces were also looked at for their potential and finally a fresh-looking font, with distinctive and attractive characters was chosen for the ‘Learning for Life’ lettering.

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to unveil our new company name and logo to the world! The help and support from everyone involved in getting to the final product has been amazing and will hopefully give the staff and students something to be proud of.

Marie Matthewson, Principal

The final part of the process was to create a strap-line for the logo. I am sure that you will agree that ‘Embracing diversity and enriching lives’, is a very apt description of the College’s work and its vision, which is to enhance and enrich the lives of all its learners both now and in the future…

A special thank you goes to Michael who was instrumental in designing the new logo.

The official re-launch/re-name is to be held on the 7th December alongside our Christmas Fair. Invites will be sent out soon with further details.