Drama for Life

Drama for Life

This term, staff, and students at ‘Learning for Life’ will be setting up their very own Drama Group which is to be held on Thursday afternoons. Our groups, throughout the college, will be coming together to create an ensemble.

Drama is a brilliant tool for:

  • boosting confidence
  • breaking down barriers
  • bringing people together
  • creatively expressing ourselves
  • increase communication skills

Our aim is to explore the different aspects of drama from classical theatre through to modern and more contemporary performances and eventually our students will have the skills to showcase their work a wider audience. We will be covering a wide spectrum…. not only looking at different themes and situations but exploring Physical Theatre and looking at Scripts and Improvisation.

This is another exciting opportunity to involve the entire college by working collaboratively to make this Drama Group the best it can be. Anyone wishing to volunteer their help with costumes, stage set, props, music, and lighting please contact us to discuss any proposals.

In our Drama Group this week we have been focusing on ‘Mirror’ exercises. This involves choosing a partner, facing one another and by standing a few feet apart, the leader makes simple movements or gestures whilst the other partner duplicates the leaders every move.

We worked on other simple exercises known as ‘Basic Tableaux’ which are essentially still images. Some of the scenes we were trying to create for example ‘Waiting for a bus’ and ‘Playground games’ certainly captured our imaginations.