Nissan Sunderland plant tour

Nissan Sunderland plant tour

Our students from Ellwood B, Hart B and Enterprise had an amazing day at Nissan last week. They were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Monozukuri Caravan interactive workshop. The students were also able to explore the equipment and methods used in Europe’s biggest car plant.

They learned about some Japanese traditions, beliefs, and language in a fun and interactive session and built their own lego cars, whilst trying their hand at using some of the tools used to build real Nissan cars!

The students were lucky enough to be given a grand tour of the workshop where they watched the Nissan cars being built and observed an amazing robot draw and write words. They even raced their own model cars!

Our huge thanks to Heather, Karen and the rest of their terrific team who made us so welcome and gave us all an experience we won’t forget.

The staff and students hope they can return again soon and we welcome you to come and visit us here at ‘Learning for Life.’